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Reduce website design time by using pixel perfect ready to use website demos from our library of starter templates.

Customize Without Code​

Change the design through a range of options in the WordPress Customizer. No coding knowledge necessary!

Made for Page Builders

Astra gives you the ability to turn off the page title & sidebar. Create full-width pages with complete Ioption的热信号 design freedom.

Super Fast Performance

Astra is made for speed. It is the most lightweight theme available in the market and offers unmatched performance.

Customize Everything Easily

Not only will your website be fast, but you will be able to make it look exactly how you want with our visual theme customizer, fast & easy!

Layout Settings

In this area, one can manage layout of the website container, header, blog, archives, single pages, posts, sidebar & footer.

Header Options

Astra comes with several header layouts built-in. The Pro addon extends the possibilities and adds more features further.

Customizer settings back-end options

Colors & Typography

Set colors & fonts easily! We understand it's important to be able to set fonts & colors that integrate with your brand.

Blog & Archives

Control design of your blog posts & archive pages with neat options in the customizer. Manage width, content and even meta.

Full & Seamless Integration With Your Favorite Tools

Elementor and Beaver Builder

Woo-commerce and Learn Dash

Toolset and Yoast

Astra - Custom Layouts with Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg Blocks -
Seamless Compatibility

Even before the official release of Gutenberg, Astra was among the first themes to become Gutenberg Ioption的热信号 compatible. Over the years, this compatibility grew stronger. Today, Astra offers the most extensive library of free starter templates for Gutenberg, the ability to create custom layouts with the editor, and automatically manages Gutenberg blocks’ styling and spacing.

Unparalleled Performance

Every single line of code in Astra is profiled for fast performing websites. We have numbers to prove that.

No jQuery

Many times, render blocking jQuery comes in the way of performance optimization. So Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript instead.

Less than 50 KB

Astra is feather light. It needs less than 50 KB of resources whereas most Ioption的热信号 Ioption的热信号 of the other WordPress themes require at least 300 KBs.

Just 0.5 seconds!

With default WordPress data, Astra loads in less than Ioption的热信号 a half second. It is built for speed and fully optimized for performance.


Largest Library of Pre-Built Websites

Take a look at these gorgeous websites made with Astra and various Page Builders. These are available for import with Astra Sites plugin.

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Join Over 1,653,898+ Astra Lovers!

Adam Preiser - WPCrafter

Changing themes is something that I have been wanting to do for some time and when I saw Astra, I knew that was going to be the theme for me. Its focus is on performance and it is built to work with all page builders. Moreover, Astra is built by Brainstorm Force, a team of developers you can trust. They make several very successful products for WordPress and have the experience to build things the right way.


(1)LVS Options->Supply下面的选项,若选择Abort LVS on power/ground net errors选项,则电源地短路时会中断LVS,此时不选这选项再Run LVS,这样LVS就不会中断且会报出电源地短路的地方,但是不选这个选项会Run很久,所以一般都会选择这个选项; 若选择Abort LVS on Softchk errors选项,则有软连接时会中断LVS,此时不选这个选项再RUN LVS,这样LVS就不会中断并且会报出软连接的地方,一般不选择这个选项。

(2)LVS Options->Report下面的LVS Report Options选项选择S,这样在LVS Report File 里会输出详细的软连接的信息。

(3)LVS Options->Gates下面的Gates Recognition若选择Recognize all gates 选项,效果是 Calibre LVS 能识别所有的逻辑门进行对比; 选择 Recognize simple gates,只能以简单的的逻辑门(反相器、与非门、或非门)对比; 选择 Turn gate recognition off 时,LVS将以单管进行对比。 如果允许逻辑门的输入可以互换时选前两个,不允许时选第三个。

(4)LVS Options->Connect下面的Connect nets with colon(:) ,若选择这个选项,版图里相同"线名+冒号(AGND:)"的label的线认为连接状态。

“NITIAL NUMBERS OF OBJECTS”转换前Layout和Source的Ports、Nets、Instances个数。Layout和Source通常不一致这部分不用太留意,因为最终的器件数目会在转换后有所变化,根据lvs rule file中的某些设置,某些器件可以合并,或被剔除。

“NUMBERS OF OBJECTS AFTER TRANSFORMATION”某些器件被合并或者剔除后转Layout和Source的Ports、Nets、Instances个数。绿的时候Layout和Source中的Ports、Nets、Instances个数是一致的。

(6)LVS Options->Include->Include Rule Statement下面添加一些语句辅助LVS,例如LVS FILTER R(cellname) SOURCE SHORT/OPEN,过滤掉fuse电阻,将其认为是短路/开路;LVS BOX

(7)有些工艺RUN LVS需要添加电容电阻等等的cdl文件,在LVS Options->Database->Library下面的Additional SPICE Files添加所需要的文件,保存runset,就不用每次打开nmLVS都在Inputs->Netlist下面添加了。



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