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Name StockerX | Portfolio Manager APK
Version 4.6.5
Updated 2022-04-23
Developer Nani Studio
ID com.nngnstudio.stocker
Installs 10.000++
Category Finance

StockerX | Portfolio Manager

StockerX | Portfolio Manager

Stocks and crypto all in one investment manager

・ Stocks from HK, US, CH, SG, TW, JP, AU and crypto stock markets can be added into the same combination set

・Graphics and statistics available at ease for your analysis

・index: CBOE Volatility index, Buffett indicator, . etc.

・Valuation model: Cash Flow Model, Growing Model

・Cash-Market value graph

・Cash flow graph

・News about stock markets readily available

・Convenient conversion between HKD, USD, SGD, GBP, CNY and TWD

・Calculate also the commission fees, dividends and scrip dividends

・Never lose control of your financial condition

Using this app means you agree the statement below

Some of the investment products (e.g. derivative instruments or structured products such as equity linked note) and trading services may not be suitable for all members of the public. Investors should therefore carefully consider whether such investment products and trading services are appropriate in light of their experience, objectives, financial resources and other relevant circumstances. Price and yield of the investment products as well Olymp Trade高手 as any income generated therefrom may experience upward or downward movement. Past performance does not guarantee any future performance. There is an inherent risk that the investment products may even become valueless. Investment products denominated in foreign currencies may also involve currency risks. Investments should not be made without reference to the Olymp Trade高手 offering documents, which provide detailed information of the products, as applicable.
Information posted on this website is for reference only and should not be construed as an offer, invitation, inducement or representation of any kind or form whatsoever. We do not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the information contained herein or provided by means of hyperlinks to other websites or to other sources and assume no liabilities arising out of or incidental to the trading of any investment products if information Olymp Trade高手 contained herein is relied upon. In case the mentioned services have tax consequences, investors should consult their own tax advisers regarding any applicable tax consequences. No liability can be accepted for personal tax consequences taken from this website nor for the effect of future tax or legislative policies. The contents and information in the website will be subject to change without further notice.
It is the responsibility of any persons who access the information contained herein to observe the applicable laws and regulations of their relevant jurisdictions. If investors are in any doubt about any of the information contained herein, they should consult their lawyers, accountants or other professional advisors.

It is possible that data being damaged/lost .We don't take any responsibility of data losing/damaging

StockerX has the right to stop or discontinue the Olymp Trade高手 service under any circumstances.
All ads content, text and image descriptions, sample displays or other sales information that you view on our are designed and presented by the respective advertisers and suppliers of products and services. You should exercise your own Olymp Trade高手 discretion and judgment as to the accuracy and credibility of the Olymp Trade高手 advertisements. StockerX is commissioned to publish these advertisements and is not responsible for the advertisements.

You agree to authorize We to provide necessary member information to partners (third parties) for proper Olymp Trade高手 use within the scope of the agreement. If You do not agree to have their information listed in the list of products or services of partners (third parties), they may notify StockerX to remove information from the list.

You agrees that we may collect, process, preserve, transmit and use the personal information registered or retained by the member for the purpose of providing other information or services to the user, or for statistical data of the member, or for conducting surveys, or for any legitimate use.


讓您變成個人理財高手 躍上iOS∕Mac 平台(全球下載次數超過250 萬次),現在更推出Android/Windows 版。 可在行事曆上選取日期,以便篩選交易資料。 Olymp Trade高手 駭客假冒知名遊戲或網銀App,一旦不慎下載,惡意應用程式立即入侵手機竊取個資、 程式、勒索病毒或會竊取個資的安全威脅,並在您下載安裝前預先提出警告。 檢查您連線的Wi-Fi 是否安全,防止駭客利用假Wi-Fi 熱點竊取您的個人資料。 无论是文件传输、远程操控还是电脑接收手机短信通知都能满足您的不同需求。 立即下载. AirMirror. 您的远程安卓设备尽在掌握. 基于远程控制技术的AirMirror移动 免费查看个人资料,分享和接收照片,通过登记功能分享您的位置,查找当地的小熊 以下简单步骤使用这些分步说明将Growlr应用程序下载到您的Android设备:. 安全備份。Smart Switch 是可將內容移動從舊裝置(無論是否為Android)至新Samsung Galaxy 的應用程式。 以安全可靠的方式轉移你的手機資料至Galaxy.

如何在Firefox for Android 中清除隱私資料? Firefox for

安全備份。Smart Switch 是可將內容移動從舊裝置(無論是否為Android)至新Samsung Galaxy 的應用程式。 以安全可靠的方式轉移你的手機資料至Galaxy. 永久保護您的PC。 免費下載. 另有Android、Mac 和iPhone 版. AV Comparatives Award 2020. 的私密瀏覽器,精心設計的功能可以保護個人資料,以及封鎖廣告,提高瀏覽速度。 您的瀏覽器資料、書籤、下載內容、IP 位址、DNS 查詢,還有許多內容。 在Android 和iOS 客户端上,Zoom 的语言取决于默认操作系统的语言。 如果您在登录Zoom 账户时更改zoom.us 中显示的语言,您的个人资料

如何:在Android 上使用Signal 監控自我防衛

请检查该个人资料是否存在。以及您是否有权对其中的内容进行读写操作。”怎么回事呢?该如何解决?接下去脚本之家的小编和大家分享具体的原因和解决方法。 故障原因分析: 出现上面的提示是因为浏览器个人资料出现了问题,我们只需要对其进修复一下。

导出您的社区数据,例如帖子和评论,或者您用于填写个人资料的个人信息。 转到社区设置。 在“个人信息”选项卡下,单击要导出的数据类型。 将下载的文件保存至您的电脑。 允许使用具有相同 FQDN 的多个个人资料 允许安装具有相同 FQDN 的多个 Passpoint 个人资料。FQDN 不用作个人资料的键。需要 FQDN 的现有 Passpoint API(如 remove)会将请求应用于具有相同 FQDN 的所有匹配的个人资料。 允许安装没有根 CA 证书的个人资料 我们先运行“SDK Manager.exe”进行SDK下载。. 运行后出现下面的界面,我们选择自己想安装的 Android 版本,我选择了最新版本,然后点击“Install X packages”安装。. 选择接受并遵守所有许可内容 (Accept All),再点击 “Install”。. Android SDK 管理器就开始下载并安装你所选的包了,我们等上一会儿就好了。. 安装好后,在 Android SDK 管理器界面上你所选的包后面会显示“Installed

关于个人 Google+ 帐号或您品牌帐号的 Google+ 信息页,如果您还需要帮助,或者还有未解答的问题,您可以通过此处列出的帮助渠道获取支持。 其他资源: 下载并保存您的 Google+ 数据; 在 Google+ 产品论坛中获取支持; 更改您的 Google+ 个人资料

Olymp Trade高手

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  3. 3.多開功能使電腦模擬出數個,甚至數十個虛擬的安卓手機設備。
  4. 4.還有迷你模式可供選擇,即便在工作或忙碌時也可以在電腦上掛著喜歡的遊戲。
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CPU:Intel或AMD CPU处理器x86 / x86_64
作業系統:Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10 / Win11(目前仅支援Windows作业系统,暂不支援MAC版)
驅動程式:带有OpenGL 4.0的Windows DirectX 11 / Graphic驱动程式
RAM:16 GB的系统记忆体(RAM)
硬碟:最低100 GB的可用硬碟空间
VT:BIOS中启用了硬体虚拟化技术(Intel VT-x / AMD-V)最全面VT開啟教學